Dual Media Filter As an Effective Waste Water Treatment Plant

Modern society is facing a serious threat from the rising environmental concerns such as pollution, and global warming. Though we are moving towards overall growth through technological advancement, still we are lagging behind in managing the growing threat to the living organism on account of the growing pollution and other dangerous sources. To protect the environment, people adopt many methods instead of using the sewage treatment plant. Most people think that these types of plants are of no use. However, the reality is just opposite. These types of water treatment plants play an essential role in improving the lives of the human being as well as the society.


The sewage water treatments plant and dual media filter is the most commonly used household water treatment plant that is utilized by many household and commercial units. These types of plants are used to clean the wastewater in an efficient way. While using these plants, the effluents from the disposable water are removed or recycled in an excellent way without spreading any sort of illness. Even the recycled water can further be used for different purposes such as drinking, agriculture and irrigation.

How Modern Sewage Treatment Plants Work?

Modern sewage treatment plants work through different stages that begins with elimination of the wastewater and floating solids such as grease, oil, etc are done from the surface area. Even the hard solids such as rocks and grits are removed from the surface area. The process followed with the application of various methods and ways that are used to remove the entire garbage and wastage from the water. Most people utilize the microorganisms to eliminate unwanted materials from the water. The process ends with the discharging of the clean water for further usage in the environmental processing’s.

How Dual Media Filter Works?

Other than the sewage water treatment plants, dual media filter is used to remove the turbidity and suspended solids from the water. It is also known as sand anthracite filter or multimedia filter that is used to follow the cleaning process. These types of filters make the use of high filtration rate that helps in performing the efficient removal of the unwanted particles from water.

The model of these sand anthracite filters is said to have layered with a bed of filter media that consists of two main parts namely: A composite pressure vessel and graded beds of sand and anthracite. The design of the filter is kept in the way to make it run for long before any necessity rose for backwash system.

The system of the filter is designed with an internal fitting done with an inlet distributor and bottom collecting system while the external fitting is done with isolation valves and frontal pipe work. Working of the filter is processed with the activities performed by the sand and the anthracite wherein sand removes the suspended particles and the odor and color is removed with the help of anthracite.

Dual media filter is used for various applications such as portable water treatment, boiled feed water treatment and so on.