How Waste Water Treatment Plant Came Into Existence

Wastewater treatment is an amazing and interesting set of steps of a procedure of conversion of wastewater into pure drinkable water that could be put to use for everyone. It is a great way to recycle water with lesser environmental problems and issues.  The waste water treatment plant makes the process of waste water treatment into action and reality. All the important processes and methods for waste water treatment areperformed in the treatment plants.

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Why was waste water treatment initiated?

  • The increase of industrial chemical being deposed in water– the Industrial chemical found in the water was increasing gradually and making the water impure.
  • The increase of toxic substances in water– A lot of toxic and harmful substances was increasing in water which was disposed of by industries, agriculture, and industries.
  • Increase in impurity of water– All the usage of water for various purposes has to lead to the impurity of water.
  • The increase in wastewater– Increase of water that cannot be used for any purpose and anywhere.
  • Reduction of drinking water– Water suitable for drinking purposes was diminishing gradually and the quality of water was deteriorating.
  • Waste water is harmful to the natural environment and eco bio-system– The wastewater is harmful to our natural environment and eco bio-systems.
  • The increase in diseases and illness caused by wastewater– A boost in the cases of disease and illness caused by wastewater was experienced, hence, treatment of wastewater was a crucial and necessary action to be taken.
  • The death of animals, aquatic creatures, and birds by usage of wastewater– There were deaths of animals, aquatic creatures, and birds due to consumption of waste water.
  • Mixing of wastewater with pure and clean water– The most important reason for controlling and treating wastewater was that it was being mixed up with clean and pure water because of all the water resources and connected naturally.

Benefits of waste water treatment

  • Control water pollution
  • Recycle water
  • Efficient usage of natural resource-water
  • More drinking water in future
  • Detoxify water
  • Reduction of diseases and illness
  • Reduction of wastewater
  • Healthy natural environment

Methods of waste water treatment

  1. Collection of wastewater- All the wastewater is collected and stored so that the process of treatment can be started
  2. Reduction of bad odor from wastewater- The bad odor from the wastewater is reduced
  3. Waste water is screened to remove any kind of objects from it
  4. Separation of big biotic substances and matters from wastewater takes place
  5. Air induction in waste water so that microorganisms can grow and consume as much as an organic matter they can in a specific duration of time.
  6. Handling of bio-solid matters- The solid matter is removed and handled in this step of the process.
  7. Treatment to make it suitable for drinking purposes- The water is treated to make it suitable and ready for usage for drinking purposes.step of the process.
  8. Disinfection of water- The water is disinfected to kill or remove any kind of infection that might be in it.