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Grey Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater from domestic bathrooms, laundries, and kitchen outlets is called greywater. Statistics says that around 30 to 50 percent of the wastewater discharged to the sewer is contributed by greywater. Therefore, by recycling it, we can significantly reduce the load...

MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Our MBR based sewage treatment plant is the combination of activated sludge processes and membranes filtration. We provide Individual Membrane based module followed by MBR sewage treatment plant and submerged membranes which is integral to the biological reactor with online...

MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) sewage treatment plant is a simple and reliable method of treating wastewater. Due to simple operations and easy manageability, it is better than the conventional methods. MBBR uses a cluster of polyethylene bio film carriers...
SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

SBR is a high-performance solution for wastewater treatment that can successfully handle batch and continuous flow operations. It is a proven technology with minimal costs and maintenance requirements. Due to high removal capacity and versatility, it is compliant with stringent...