Waste Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers


Water Drop

No Pumps in Waste Water

Do not Require pumps to transfer liquid.

Water Drop

No Mechanical Parts in Waste Water

No moving / Mechanical parts inside the waste water.

Water Drop

No Electrical Parts in Waste Water

There is no requirement of any electrical parts inside the waste water.

Water Drop

Reduces Annual Power Consumption

we can reduce operating cost by 50 to 60 %.

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About Cleantech Water

water treatment plant manufacturers Cleantech Water is the remarkable industrial Waste water treatment plant manufacturers In Gujarat India with superior quality. We offer quality designed and manufactured water treatment plants in Gujarat, India by using superior quality material and contemporary tools in compliance with fixed industry norms. Our waste water treatment plants are widely demanded in number of industries for industrial and agriculture purpose. To make water treatment plants in congruity with universal standard, we have set up a modern base structure that is isolated into diverse functional units. Our foundation offices comprise of assembling, quality testing, warehousing, packaging, and so forth.

water treatment plant manufacturers Seawater covered 70% surface of earth, less than 1% percent is fresh water earth surface, Billion people haven’t got pure drinking water worldwide. According to UNICEF about 2.6 billion people lack of sufficient sanitation & million of peoples dies due to impure drinking water. United nation predict that next decade two-third of world.

water treatment plant manufacturers  Population will have scarcity of pure water. Toward a way to improve the situation, Cleantechwater has serve water & wastewater treatment plants for Treat, Purify sanitation and safe disposal of water.

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